• Cast iron gate valve

    As we all know, the big challenges faced by the traditional equipment intellectualization and Internet of things are how to inherit * * new technologies on the existing infrastructure, how to obtain * * high benefits with * * low cost-effective expenditure, how to make full use of the IOT development platform to conduct data statistics and analysis to support the operation and management decisions. Before completing these challenges, the equipment must be networked. With the development of technology and the expansion of the application scenarios of the Internet of things, the development of common wireless communication protocols such as WiFi, 2G and 4G and the networking of devices have become simple. However, due to the variety and complexity of protocols involved in traditional devices, such as Bluetooth

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  • Application and common problems of cast iron gate

    Power electronics in the modern industrial field has higher requirements for the selection of components, both in terms of electrical characteristics and environmental operating conditions. Capacitors are no exception, and the reliability of products is becoming more and more critical. In power electronic applications, thin film capacitors have more advantages than other capacitors. Thin film capacitors are widely used in high-voltage, high-frequency and high-power power electronic equipment due to their excellent electrical performance. Especially in the application of DC-link, compared with electrolytic capacitors, thin film capacitors have high ripple current bearing capacity, high voltage resistance, low ESR and ESL, long life, (dry explosion-proof)

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